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Las Vegas Solari Hospice Care

Hospice is a special way of caring for people with life-limiting illnesses. At Solari Hospice Care, we bring professionals to the patients where they reside, and we offer inpatient care for those who can no longer live at home.

What makes Solari Hospice Care unique is how we connect with our patients and their loved ones. We believe our patients should be treated as a whole and not just as the symptoms of their disease. We address all the patient's needs, not just the physical but the emotional, psychological and spiritual needs as well. This is our goal and achieving it enables us to help people complete life's journey with dignity and comfort.

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Outpatient Hospice Care

In most cases, the most comfortable setting for patients is their own home, and the majority of our patients are served on this level. Our staff assists patients in any residential setting, such as the patient's home, a family member's home, a nursing facility, an assisted living facility or a group home.

Services Provided

Physician Services
  • The hospice physician works in close consultation with the patient's own primary physician
Skilled Nursing Services
  • Routine visits for pain management, symptom management and patient evaluation
  • The hospice provides all medications related to the terminal diagnosis
Medical Equipment and Supplies
  • Home health aides provide patients with personal care needs
Social Services
  • For patient and family counseling and community support resources
Spiritual Counseling

Bereavement Counseling

Inpatient Hospice Care

Short-term inpatient care may be required for acute or chronic symptom management that cannot feasibly be provided in a residential setting.

Solari Hospice Care's inpatient home is designed to meet the needs of patients and their families. Designed to create a warm, home-like environment, the facility is one of the few free-standing inpatient centers in the country exclusively devoted to hospice care. In addition to providing the most comprehensive pain management and medical assistance, the inpatient center offers 12 private bedrooms for humane and compassionate care, a soothing family gathering room and a serene chapel for spiritual meditation.

Urgent Care Near Me
Urgent Care Near Me
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Urgent Care Near Me
Urgent Care Near Me
Urgent Care Near Me
Urgent Care Near Me
Urgent Care Near Me
Urgent Care Near Me
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